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I am a transversal artist and architect, dedicated to the creation and transmission of the arts and culture. Worked formally as an independent artist since 2014, exhibiting and creating site-specific artworks in Melbourne, Sydney, Byron Bay, Santiago, Berlin and Venice. I am engaged with bringing art and culture to a broader audience, and see this as part of my responsibility as an architect and artist; I have been able to do so by teaching art workshops for children in social-risk and in cultural centres and also working as a museographic architect designing exhibitions for museums and cultural centres.



-Group exhibition | Avalon Recreation Centre, Sydney, Australia | Jan. 2018

-BodiesNotApart | GlogauAIR Gallery, Berlin, Germany | Nov. 2017

-Fieber Festival | Meinblau Projektraum, Berlin, Germany | Oct. 2017

-Vita Tua, Vita Mea | Con-Temporary Art Observatorium, Venice, Italy | Aug. 2017


-The Unit Gym | Dandenong, Australia | April - June 2014

-Byron Bay Beach Resort | Byron Bay, Australia | Aug. - Dec. 2014

-Best Buds Florist | Sydney, Australia | Jan. - Feb. 2015

-Sarita Hair Salon | Santiago, Chile | April - May 2015

-Converse indoor skate ramp | Santiago, Chile | April - May 2016

-Aldea-Soler family’s residence | Santiago, Chile | Nov. - Dec. 2016

-Teresita Café | Santiago, Chile | April - June 2018

-Saint George Restaurant | Santiago, Chile | July - Aug. 2018


In charge of teaching practical art workshops in association with the mediation area of cultural centres and social-work foundations focused on children in situation of social risk.

Associated institutions:

- Bosque Nativo Gallery | Oct. 2018

- Palacio de la Moneda Cultural Centre | June - July 2018

- Agustín Ross Cultural Centre | Feb. 2018

- Creamás Foundation | March - Dec. 2012

- Crearte Foundation | July - Dec. 2009


Museographic architect

Encaje | | Santiago, Chile | Jan. 2019 - Aug. 2021

Encaje is a museographic studio based in Chile in charge of designing, building and installing complex and large-scale museographic equipment for museums and cultural centres. Worked as an architect in the different stages of the development of these exhibition projects, from the conceptual creation of the script, its translation to a formal design, the supervision of the material production of these designs and finally its montage.

Remarkable projects in which I was involved:

- Permanent museography | O'Higginiano and Fine Arts Museum of Talca; Chile | 2021

- Temporary exhibition Magellan 500 years | Pereira Palace; Santiago, Chile | 2020

- Permanent museography | Pereira Palace; Santiago, Chile | 2020

- Itinerant exhibition Violeta’s Journey | Violeta Parra Museum | 2020

- Permanent museography | Francisco Coloane Museum; Quemchi, Chile | 2019

- Itinerant exhibition Curiosities | Museum of Natural History of Valparaíso, Chile | 2019

- Solar plaza | Mirador Interactive Museum; Santiago, Chile | 2019

- Itinerant exhibition Nemesio Antúnez 100 years | 2019

- Permanent museography | Archaeological Museum of La Serena, Chile | 2019

E D U C A T I O N   &   T R A I N I N G

MA Creative and cultural entrepreneurship, Goldsmiths University of London (c)
London, UK | 2021-
Part time studies to develop creative, innovative and business skills for leading a creative enterprise or project.

Communications and cultural management diploma, University of Chile
Santiago, Chile | April - December 2020
Theoretical and practical course on the different aspects related to art, culture and heritage administration.(Diploma obtained with an average of 6.4 out of 7.0)


Mold and casting workshop, Pontifical Catholic University Extension Centre
Santiago, Chile | April - July 2018
Practical course on the methods of making molds for regular, irregular and complex shapes.


Ceramic workshop, Pontifical Catholic University Extension Centre
Santiago, Chile | Aug. – Dec. 2018
Practical and theoretical course on the techniques of modelling in ceramics and its references.


Human figure modelling workshop, Pontifical Catholic University Extension Centre
Santiago, Chile | April - July 2018
Practical sculpture courses on modelling of the human figure with life models, where the principal aspects of human anatomy, proportion and form where taught. 


Art residency, Sydney Art Space
Sydney, Australia | Jan. 2018
Creative exploration of sculptural clothing.


Art residency, Institut für Alles Mögliche 
Berlin, Germany | May - Jul. 2017
Plastic exploration of the sculptural reaches of plasticine.


Eugenio Dittborn Artistic creation and analysis workshop
Santiago, Chile | March - Dec. 2016
Practical and theoretical group workshop mentored by the recognized Chilean artist Eugenio Dittborn.


Glenn Murcutt International Master Class
New South Wales, Australia | July 2014
Imparted by Glenn Murcutt, Brit Andresen, Richard Leplastrier, Peter Stutchbury,  Lindsay Johnston and the Aboriginal elder Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison. This practical workshop gathered architects of different ages and nationalities and developed in its pupils awareness and respect for the natural context and the memoirs of the land.


Academic exchange at University of Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia | 2013
Carried out the Urban Design Master Studio where the commission consisted of visualizing a future Melbourne and proposing new ways of residence, transport and urban life.


Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Architecture (Honours)
Santiago, Chile | 2009 – 2016
Applied for the architectural professional degree with the title project "Three traverses to the lake" where an urban problem was reverted through urban and landscape interventions. The project was evaluated with distinction.


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